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Source Bestiary pg. 306
Few everyday vermin inspire as much dread as the infamous spider.


Dream Spider (Creature 0), Giant Tarantula (Creature 6), Giant Trapdoor Spider (Creature 2), Goliath Spider (Creature 11), Hunting Spider (Creature 1), Ogre Spider (Creature 5), Spider Swarm (Creature 0), Trapdoor Ogre Spider (Creature 5)

Sidebar - Related Creatures Associated Monsters

Though they are vermin incapable of forming true alliances, spiders show up alongside many types of creatures, including web lurkers. Spellcasters sometimes call upon spiders using summon animal, and spider swarms have a way of popping up just about anywhere at the most inopportune times.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Giant Spiders

A staggering number of species of giant spider exist in the world. Some, like the dream spider, whose venom creates strange hallucinations, are relatively small. Others, like the lumbering ogre spider, are larger than horses.