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PFS StandardAnimate RopeSpell 1

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 214
Traditions arcane, occult
Cast Two ActionsTwo Actions somatic, verbal
Range 100 feet; Targets up to 50 feet of rope or a nonliving rope-like object
Duration sustained up to 1 minute
You cause a length or section of rope or a rope-like object to animate and follow simple commands. You can give it two commands when you Cast the Spell, and one command each time you Sustain the Spell.
  • Bind (attack) The rope attempts to partially bind a creature. Attempt a spell attack roll against the target's Reflex DC. If you succeed, the target takes a –10-foot circumstance penalty to its Speed (–20-foot on a critical success). This ends if the target Escapes against your spell DC or breaks the rope. (A standard adventuring rope has Hardness 2, HP 8, and a Broken Threshold of 4.)
  • Coil The rope forms a tidy, coiled stack.
  • Crawl The rope inches along the ground like a snake, moving one of its ends 10 feet. The rope must move along a surface, but that surface doesn't need to be horizontal.
  • Knot The rope ties a sturdy knot in itself.
  • Loop The rope forms a simple loop at one or both ends, or straightens itself back out.
  • Tie The rope ties itself around a willing creature or an object that's unattended or attended by a willing creature.
  • Undo The rope undoes one of its knots, ties, or bindings.

Heightened (+2) The range increases by 50 feet, and you can animate 50 more feet of rope.