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PFS StandardBlood VendettaSpell 2

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 216
Traditions arcane, divine, occult
Cast ReactionReaction verbal; Trigger A creature deals piercing, slashing, or persistent bleed damage to you.; Requirements You can bleed
Range 30 feet; Targets the triggering creature
Saving Throw Will; Duration varies
You curse the target, punishing it for having the audacity to spill your blood. The target takes 2d6 persistent bleed damage and must attempt a Will save.

Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target takes half the persistent bleed damage.
Failure The target takes the full persistent bleed damage. Until the bleeding stops, the target has weakness 1 to piercing and slashing damage.
Critical Failure As failure, but the target takes double the persistent bleed damage.

    Heightened (+2) The persistent bleed damage increases by 2d6.