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PFS StandardChameleon CoatSpell 5

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 216
Traditions primal
Cast Three ActionsThree Actions material, somatic, verbal
Range 15 feet; Targets up to 8 creatures
Duration 10 minutes
You shift the colors of the targets' outermost layer of clothing and gear to be closer to their environment when they remain still. Creatures affected by the spell gain a +3 status bonus to Stealth checks to Hide. The changed color granted by the spell always shifts to match the environment, even if there are drastic changes. If any piece of gear or clothing affected by the spell is removed from a creature, the spell ends for that creature.
Heightened (6th) If a creature affected by this spell rolls a critical failure on its Stealth check to Sneak within 30 feet of a creature that would spot it, it instead only fails its check, as the spell mildly hypnotizes the spotter.
Heightened (8th) As 6th level, and the status bonus is +4.