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PFS StandardWay of the Spellshot

Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
Prerequisites: Must be a gunslinger.

You've learned the intricacies of magic and technology, blending the two together with deadly results. You combine a knowledge of arcane theories with a strong connection to your chosen weapon that allows you to manifest unique effects, though your knowledge doesn't extend as far as actual spellcasting. You can imbue energy into your weapon and conjure bullets from thin air. As you progress, you eventually learn to phase bullets through walls or even to teleport yourself along the path of your bullets.

You must select Spellshot Dedication from the Spellshot archetype as your 2nd-level class feat.

Slinger's Reload Thoughtful Reload
Deeds Initial Energy Shot; Advanced Recall Ammunition; Greater Dispelling Bullet
Way Skill Arcana

Slinger's Reload

Thoughtful Reload [one-action]

Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
As you sink deep into a state of analytical calm and focus on the foe before you, your hands reload a bullet instinctively. Attempt a Recall Knowledge check against an opponent you can see and then Interact to reload.

Initial Deed

Energy Shot [free-action]

Evocation Magical Spellshot 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
Trigger You roll initiative.
You unleash a small surge of magical energy into your weapon, shrouding the bullet with potential energy and granting it the ability to deal energy damage to your foes to exploit their weaknesses. You can Interact to draw a ranged weapon. On your first three Strikes of this encounter with a firearm or crossbow, you deal an additional 1 acid, cold, fire or electricity damage. You choose which damage type to deal as part of making each Strike.

Advanced Deed9th

Recall Ammunition [reaction]

Conjuration Magical Spellshot Teleportation 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
Trigger You miss with a firearm or crossbow Strike while using an ordinary level-0 bolt or bullet
You amplify the connection between bullet and firearm, calling your missed shot back into your gun. The ammunition you just fired is reloaded back into your gun and immediately ready to fire again.

Greater Deed15th

Dispelling Bullet [two-actions]

Abjuration Magical Spellshot 
Source Guns & Gears pg. 140
You imprint a bullet with a field of abjuration built upon your magical signature, disrupting the magic of whatever it hits. Make a firearm or crossbow Strike against a foe you can see. If you hit, you attempt to counteract a spell effect active on the target (your choice, or the highest-level effect if you don't choose). Your counteract level is equal to half your level (rounded up), and your counteract check modifier is equal to your class DC – 10.