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PFS StandardOrchestral BroochItem 8

Legacy Content

Auditory Consumable Evocation Magical Talisman 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 174 1.1
Price 100 gp
Usage affixed to armor; Bulk
Activate [free-action] envision; Trigger You attempt a Performance check, but you haven't rolled yet; Requirements You're a master in Performance.
This silver brooch reverberates lightly with the sound of music every time anyone touches it. You can transform it into the shape of any chosen instrument when you Affix it. When you activate this talisman, your performance is accompanied by a grand procession of music that complements your own work, subject to your direction and intent. You receive a +1 status bonus to your Performance check. If you roll a success, you get a critical success instead.

After being used, the talisman remains a mundane silver brooch with the appearance of the chosen instrument, though it possesses no remaining power.