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PFS StandardCantrip DeckItem 1+

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 181
Usage held in 1 hand
In an effort to spread the knowledge of magic as widely as possible, worshippers of Nethys discovered a way to bind cantrips into cards accessible even to non-spellcasters. The deck contains thick parchment cards, each roughly half the size of a playing card. In precise, no-nonsense script, each card simply states the name of its cantrip, color-coded based on its school.

Activate Single ActionSingle Action or more (envision, Interact); Effect You envision your desired cantrip, causing its card to rise to the top of the deck, and draw the card. The deck casts that cantrip as a 1st-level spell, with a DC of 15 and a spell attack modifier of +5. The card crumbles into dust as the cantrip takes effect. The activation takes the same number of actions as the cantrip you chose takes to cast.

Cantrip Deck (5-Pack)Item 1

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 181
Price 5 gp
This pack contains 5 cards of a single common cantrip (such as light).

Cantrip Deck (Full Pack)Item 1

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 181
Price 20 gp
This pack contains 24 cards—one of each cantrip in the Core Rulebook.

Acid splash, chill touch, dancing lights, daze, detect magic, disrupt undead, divine lance, electric arc, forbidding ward, ghost sound, guidance, know direction, light, mage hand, message, prestidigitation, produce flame, ray of frost, read aura, shield, sigil, stabilize, tanglefoot, telekinetic projectile