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PFS LimitedTrue Name AmuletItem 5+

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 247
Usage worn amulet
This amulet bears the true name of a single creature with a level no higher than the item's level. These amulets are typically made of gold and engraved, but could be made of anything, including simple clay. The name is clearly visible, though only to you, and only while you have the amulet invested.

If you can read the language in which the name is written, that creature always takes the effects of invoke true name against your spells (with a spell level equal to half the item's level, rounded up). In addition, when the creature uses any magical effect against you, you can immediately attempt to counteract it using Arcana, Nature, Occult, or Religion for the counteract check and the true name amulet's level to determine the counteract level. Legendary amulets bearing the true names of creatures of level 21+ may exist.

True Name Amulet (Lesser)Item 5

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 247
Price 150 gp

True Name Amulet (Moderate)Item 10

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 247
Price 850 gp

True Name Amulet (Greater)Item 15

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 247
Price 5,500 gp

True Name Amulet (Major)Item 20

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 247
Price 55,000 gp