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Enveloping LightItem 3+

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 38
Usage tattoo
This tattoo is a series of six concentric circles that show up as a soft yellow on any skin tone. The marks carry in them a protective force that bolsters your body and soul. The first time each day that someone attempts to Treat your Wounds and rolls a critical failure, they get a failure instead.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions command; Frequency once per day; Effect For 5 rounds, your entire body begins to glow, with the effects of a 1st-level light spell. At the end of each of your turns during this time, you regain 1d4 Hit Points.

Enveloping LightItem 3

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 38
Price 50 gp

Enveloping Light (Greater)Item 9

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 38
Price 650 gp
Any time someone rolls a critical failure to Treat your Wounds, they get a failure instead. The glow has the effects of a 4th-level light spell, and you regain 2d8 Hit Points per round.