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FleshgemItem 5+

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 110
Usage envision
Originally developed as a body modification by oreads, fleshgems are crystals that can be implanted in the skin of a creature of any ancestry. While a fleshgem can be applied anywhere on the body for cosmetic purposes, the most common usage among adventurers is to implant them at the base of the fingers, to be used like brass knuckles.

PFS StandardFleshgem (Combat)Item 5

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 110
Price 160 gp
These pointed crystal shards embedded in your fingers grant you a fist Strike that deals 1d6 piercing damage, is in the brawling group, and has the magical and unarmed traits. Combat fleshgems can be enhanced with the effects of handwraps of mighty blows, as normal for an unarmed attack.

PFS StandardFleshgem (Earthspeaker)Item 8

Source Grand Bazaar pg. 110
Price 450 gp
You siphon your fleshgem's power, and the earth around you erupts in crystal stalagmites.

Activate to command; Frequency once per day; Requirements You are standing on the ground; Effect The ground around you erupts in a 10-foot burst of knee-high crystal shards that remain for 1 round, or 1 minute if you spent two actions. To all creatures other than you, the area is difficult terrain as well as hazardous terrain. Creatures that move through a space containing crystal shards take 2 piercing damage.