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PFS StandardDog-Bone KnifeItem 5

Legacy Content

Uncommon Abjuration Magical 
Source Dark Archive pg. 134
Price 150 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 1
Base Weapon Dagger
The blade of this +1 striking dagger is made from the thigh bone of a canine that died in the act of protecting its master. A werecreature or other creature willingly under the effects of a non-permanent polymorph effect damaged by a dog-bone knife must attempt a DC 19 Will save or immediately revert to its natural form—this has no effect on a creature unwillingly polymorphed. On a successful save, the creature is temporarily immune to this effect for 1 minute. Kushtakas and other creatures vulnerable to canines take a –2 circumstance penalty to saves against this effect, and this weapon overcomes any resistance such creatures have to physical attacks.