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PFS StandardGrievousItem 9

Source Core Rulebook pg. 584 2.0
Price 700 gp
Usage etched onto a weapon
When your attack roll with this weapon is a critical hit and gains the critical specialization effect, you gain an additional benefit depending on the weapon group.

Axe You can damage a third creature, with the same restrictions.
Bow The Athletics check to pull the missile free is DC 20.
Brawling The target takes a –4 circumstance penalty to its save.
Club You can knock the target up to 15 feet away.
Dart The base persistent bleed damage increases to 2d6.
Flail You move the target 5 feet. You can't move it away from you, but you can move it in another direction of your choice.
Hammer You can also knock the target 5 feet away from you.
Knife The target takes a –5-foot status penalty to its Speed while it has the persistent bleed damage.
Pick The extra damage from the critical specialization effect increases to 4 per weapon damage die.
Polearm You can move the target up to 10 feet.
Shield You can knock the target up to 10 feet away.
Sling The target also takes a –10-foot status penalty to its Speed for 1 round if it fails the save.
Spear The clumsy condition lasts for 2 rounds.
Sword The target is flat-footed until the end of your next turn.