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PFS StandardRing of CounterspellsItem 10

Source Core Rulebook pg. 614 2.0
Price 925 gp
Usage worn
This ornate silver ring bears two competing geometric designs of brightly colored and wildly clashing inlaid gemstones. A spellcaster can cast a single spell into this ring as long as no spell is currently stored within, expending the normal time, costs, and so forth to Cast the Spell. The spell’s effect doesn’t occur; the spell’s power is instead stored within the ring.

When you invest a ring of counterspells, you immediately know the name and level of the spell stored inside, if any. A ring of counterspells found as treasure has a 50% chance of having a spell stored in it. The GM determines that spell.

Activate ReactionReaction envision; Trigger You are targeted by or within the area of the spell stored within the ring; Effect You can attempt to counteract the triggering spell, using the level of the spell stored in the ring and a counteract modifier of +19. Once you do, the stored spell’s energy is spent, and the ring is empty.

Activate Single ActionSingle Action command; Effect You harmlessly expend the stored spell, having no effect but emptying the ring so that another spell can be cast into it.