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Ring of StoneshiftingItem 12

This Item is from the Extinction Curse Adventure Path and may contain Spoilers

Source Pathfinder #153: Life's Long Shadow pg. 69
Price 1,800 gp
Usage worn; Bulk L
This simple iron ring is faceted with a bulbous geode lined with bright purple crystals. A ring of stoneshifting grants you the ability to ignore difficult terrain caused by rubble or uneven ground made of stone and earth.

Activate 1 minute; Frequency three times per day; Requirements You are standing on at least 5 feet of earthen material (such as stone, soil, clay, or sand); Effect You sink into the ground and emerge at another location within 100 miles. This location must have an earthen surface at least 5 feet deep and you must be able to identify the location precisely by both its position relative to your starting position and its appearance or other identifying features. You can’t carry extradimensional spaces with you to the destination, and if you attempt to do so, the activation fails.