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PFS LimitedPanacea FruitItem 19

This Item is from the Extinction Curse Adventure Path and may contain Spoilers

Source Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse Prophet pg. 74
Price 8,000 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activate Interact
This fruit is slowly, constantly changing shape, transforming from one fruit into another, but always appearing at the peak of ripeness. When you consume the fruit, it attempts to counteract all curses, diseases, and poisons affecting you, and you immediately regain 8d8+30 Hit Points. The fruit has a counteract level of 9 and a +30 modifier for the rolls against each condition. The fruit's seed remains after consumption and can be planted later, becoming a seed-shaped tree feather token that sprouts a tree bearing many kinds of mundane fruit.