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Looter's LethargyItem 2

This Item is from the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path and may contain Spoilers

Source Pathfinder #157: Devil at the Dreaming Palace pg. 81
Price 6 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Activate Single ActionSingle Action Interact
Traps may keep many a thief at bay, but the poison known as looter's lethargy ensures that no thieves are strong enough to walk off with pilfered treasures. Commonly smeared on locks, chests, and even valuable items themselves, the poison slowly saps the strength of those who touch it. Nearby guardians can then simply follow the resulting trail of discarded valuables to find the weakened trespasser.

Saving Throw DC 19 Fortitude; Onset 1 minute; Maximum Duration 1 hour; Stage 1 reduce Bulk limit by 3 (1 minute); Stage 2 flat-footed, reduce Bulk limit by 4 (10 minutes); Stage 3 flat-footed, reduce Bulk limit by 5 (10 minutes)