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Death Knell PowderItem 14

This Item is from the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path and may contain Spoilers

Source Pathfinder #160: Assault on Hunting Lodge Seven pg. 66
Price 625 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk L
Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions Interact
This poison is made from toxic spores of death knell mushrooms, which are reduced to a gray powder and suffused with necromantic energy. If you're reduced to 0 Hit Points while under the effect of death knell powder, you must succeed at a DC 34 Will save or die (this is a death effect). If you die, a random creature adjacent to you is bolstered by your departing life force and gains 20 temporary HP and a +1 status bonus to attack and damage rolls for 10 minutes.

Saving Throw DC 34 Fortitude; Maximum Duration 6 rounds; Stage 1 7d6 poison damage (1 round); Stage 2 9d6 poison damage (1 round); Stage 3 12d6 poison damage (1 round)

Craft Requirements Supply one casting of death knell.