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PFS StandardSacred Spells Feat 4

Source Book of the Dead pg. 25
Archetype Hallowed Necromancer
Prerequisites Hallowed Necromancer Dedication

Add chill touch, death ward, disrupt undead, disrupting weapons, holy cascade, magic stone, and sunburst to your spell list. These are all necromancy spells for you, even if they normally have a different spell school. You can either prepare these spells or add them to your repertoire just like the spells normally on your tradition's spell list. When you gain this feat, you can retrain existing spells to replace them with ones on this list.

In addition, your knowledge of the conduits to the Positive Energy Plane allows you more flexibility with these spells. Choose one of these two benefits.
  • If you're a prepared spellcaster, you can spend 10 minutes to replace one of the spells you've prepared with a spell of the same level from the list of sacred spells. You can do this while Refocusing.
  • If you're a spontaneous spellcaster with the signature spells class feature, add two of the spells from the list of sacred spells to your repertoire. They are signature spells for you, in addition to your normal signature spells. When you gain the ability to cast a new level of spells, you can choose to switch the spells from this feat to any other spells from the list.



This feat belongs to an archetype.