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PFS StandardMind Projectiles Feat 8

Source Dark Archive pg. 205
Archetype Mind Smith
Prerequisites Mind Smith Dedication

You have learned to stretch your mind's influence further, releasing projectiles with a swing of your mind weapon. You can make ranged mind weapon Strikes; these are ranged Strikes with a maximum range of 30 feet that deal 1d6 damage of the same type as your mind weapon. Your ranged mind weapon Strike gains all the benefits of your mind weapon's runes as long as they still apply to a ranged weapon. For example, if your weapon had +1, striking, and spell-storing runes, you would get a +1 item bonus to hit with your ranged mind weapon Strike, and it would deal the additional damage from the striking rune, but it wouldn't be able to unleash a spell from the spell-storing rune, as that rune can be etched onto only melee weapons.



This feat belongs to an archetype.