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PFS StandardConductive Sphere [two-actions] Feat 8

Electricity Impulse Kineticist Manipulate Metal Primal 
Source Rage of Elements pg. 31

A floating metal ball forms in a space within 30 feet, flashing with electricity. It can't be targeted or damaged. Any of your allies adjacent to it gain resistance to electricity equal to your level and add the shock rune to all their Strikes with metal objects. The sphere lasts until the end of your next turn, but you can Sustain it up to 1 minute.

When you conjure the sphere and the first time you Sustain the impulse on subsequent rounds, you can either have it Fly up to 20 feet or deal 1d12 electricity damage to an adjacent creature with a basic Reflex save against your class DC.



Effects with this trait deal electricity damage. A creature with this trait has a magical connection to electricity.


The primary magical actions kineticists use are called impulses. You can use an impulse only if your kinetic aura is active and channeling that element, and only if you have a hand free to shape the elemental flow. The impulse trait means the action has the concentrate trait unless another ability changes this. If an impulse allows you to choose an element, you can choose any element you're channeling, and the impulse gains that element's trait.


You must physically manipulate an item or make gestures to use an action with this trait. Creatures without a suitable appendage can’t perform actions with this trait. Manipulate actions often trigger reactions.


Effects with the metal trait conjure or manipulate metal. Those that manipulate metal have no effect in an area without metal. Creatures with this trait consist primarily of metal or have a connection to magical metal.


This magic comes from the primal tradition, connecting to the natural world and instinct. Anything with this trait is magical.