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PFS StandardQuick Alchemy Feat 4

Source Core Rulebook pg. 220 2.0
Archetype Alchemist
Prerequisites Alchemist Dedication

You gain the Quick Alchemy action.

Quick Alchemy Single Action

Source Core Rulebook pg. 72 2.0
Cost 1 batch of infused reagents
Requirements You have the formula for the alchemical item you're creating, and you're either holding or wearing alchemist's tools.
You swiftly mix up a short-lived alchemical item to use at a moment's notice. You create a single alchemical item of your advanced alchemy level or lower that's in your formula book without having to spend the normal monetary cost in alchemical reagents or needing to attempt a Crafting check. This item has the infused trait, but it remains potent only until the start of your next turn.



This feat belongs to an archetype.