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Barzillai's HoundsHazard 6

Source Pathfinder #147: Tomorrow Must Burn pg. 27
Complexity Complex
Stealth +17
Description Hell hounds invisible to all but their lone target burn their chosen victim.
Disable Religion DC 24 (expert) to perform an exorcism (with 2 actions)
Begin the Hunt ReactionReaction (conjuration, occult); Trigger A creature that doesn't openly wear the symbol of Asmodeus comes within 60 feet of the haunt's initial location. Effect The hounds appear before the chosen target and begin to chase that creature, howling wildly. The haunt rolls initiative. Others cannot see or hear this baying and must Seek to determine the hounds' location.
Routine (2 actions) The haunt uses its first action to Stride, then its second action for a jaws Strike against its designated target if it is in reach. If the target is not in reach, the haunt resets.

Speed 60 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action jaws +20 (magical), Damage 1d10+11 piercing plus 1d10 fire
Reset If their designated target dies or the hounds can't reach it in a turn, the hounds vanish into noxious smoke, but they manifest again elsewhere in the city after the next sunset.