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Echoes of BetrayalHazard 16

Source Pathfinder #148: Fires of the Haunted City pg. 53
Complexity Complex
Stealth DC 35 (master) to hear the quiet murmurs of angry spirits
Description Malevolent spirits led by a ghostly image of Ludika rise and begin a deadly brawl. These spirits attempt to overwhelm living creatures, forcing them to join the battle.

This haunt is Neutral Evil.
Disable Religion DC 35 (master) three times to exorcise the spirits or Diplomacy DC 39 (expert) three times to talk them down.
Confuse ReactionReaction (emotion, fear, illusion, mental, occult) Trigger At least three creatures enter area H10. Effect The haunt takes control of all creatures in the prison, affecting them with confusion (8th level, DC 37).
Routine (1 action) As 1 action, the haunt causes a barrage of ghostly fists to lash from the walls, floors, and ceiling. The haunt attempts a spectral fist Strike against each creature in area H10.

Melee spectral fist +35 (magical, reach 10 feet), Damage 5d10 bludgeoning, and the creature must attempt a new DC 37 Will save against confusion if it's not already confused.
Reset After 24 hours, the haunt returns. The spirits are permanently put to rest only if a lawfully appointed judge from Saggorak (or Kovlar) comes into the prison, takes damage from the haunt, and survives the attack.