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Malevolent MannequinsHazard 14

Source Guns & Gears pg. 81
Complexity Complex
Stealth +27
Description A host of violent spirits possess three clockwork mannequins, and each lashes out at any creatures that dare walk near.
Disable DC 37 Thievery (master) to jam a mannequin's clockwork mechanisms or Religion DC 35 (expert) twice to exorcise a spirit from a mannequin.
AC 35, Fort +26, Ref +28
Hardness 10, HP (per mannequin) 70 (BT 35); Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage, Weaknesses electricity 20
Awaken ReactionReaction Trigger A creature comes within 30 feet of a mannequin; Effect The mannequins all lurch towards the triggering creature, Striding up to 50 feet, then roll initiative.
Routine (9 actions) Each of the mannequins uses three of the haunt's actions on each turn, and the haunt loses three actions each turn for every disabled or destroyed mannequin. Each mannequin uses its first action to Stride up to 50 feet and its remaining two actions to make clockwork fist Strikes. Each has its own separate multiple attack penalty.
Melee Single ActionSingle Action clockwork fist +29, Damage 2d10+18 bludgeoning
Reset The haunt deactivates after it has no target creatures and resets, usually over the course of 1 round, as the mannequins move to their original positions. If a mannequin is more than 150 feet from its original position, the haunt takes longer to reset, as the mannequin moves back 150 feet each round.