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Source Pathfinder #146: Cult of Cinders pg. 84
Legend holds that charau-kas share ancestry with the demon lord Angazhan, who transformed the bodies of humans who tried to wage war against his cult, causing the dead to rise as the first of the simian humanoids known as a charau-ka. Rumors persist that charau-ka priests have perfected a hideous ritual to force those slain to reincarnate as new charau-kas in honor of this ancient tale. Other stories hold that powerful totems devoted to Angazhan contain this power, and that conducting ritual sacrifices before these magical artifacts causes the spirits of the dead to return to life as violent devotees of Angazhan, the master of those who revel in savagery and destruction.


Charau-ka Acolyte of Angazhan (Creature 3), Charau-ka Butcher (Creature 6), Charau-ka Warrior (Creature 1)