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Source Bestiary 3 pg. 257
Squirrels' ability to dart into sticky situations, extract berries or nuts from the most precarious of circumstances, and then hide their loot from prying eyes make them nature's thieves in trees. Their cute appearance—soft fur, big eyes, and fluffy tails—makes them inconspicuous and endearing, at least to some. Their reputation among humanoids is split between those who consider them cute little creatures and others who believe they're vermin.

Usually no more than a nuisance on their own, they can become a dangerous annoyance under the command of a druid, fey, or other creature that practices nature magic or is otherwise tied to the natural world. With their ability to reach remote places, excellent eyesight, and adept problem-solving, squirrels can perform effective reconnaissance for druids.


Giant Flying Squirrel (Creature 2), Squirrel Swarm (Creature 1)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Squirreled Away

Squirrels make a great deal of effort to conceal their hiding places. Running in erratic paths, they stop and pretend to bury their prize in one place before scampering to another location and burying their treat. Sometimes they'll even drop a part of their find to trick followers into thinking they've won so they cease their pursuit.