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Source The Mwangi Expanse pg. 300 2.0
Kaava are stealthy, jungle-dwelling humanoids with short down feathers that can easily be mistaken for fur from a distance. Kaava have tough scales beneath these feathers. Both the scales and feathers have mutable pigmentation that allows a kaava to blend into surrounding foliage like a chameleon.


Kaava Stalker (Creature 1), Pygmy Kaava (Creature 0)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Kaava Diplomacy

The term kaava is both singular and plural, which reflects their community-driven nature; obligation and duty define kaava culture, principally their duty to each other. Due to unpleasant interactions with humanoids in the past, most kaava are insular and suspicious, and have a tendency to attack intruders with little provocation. A stranger can earn a kaava's grudging trust through numerous patient and peaceful interactions, but even then a kaava is unlikely to go out of their way to provide aid to anyone they deem an outsider.