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Source Bestiary pg. 274
Rakshasas are evil spirits that cloak themselves in the guises of humanoid creatures, that they might walk unseen among their prey. They embody what is taboo among most societies, and in the shape of those they seek to defile, rakshasas gorge themselves on these hideous acts. A wide range of rakshasas exist; presented below are the diminutive, sinister dandasuka rakshasa and the infamous raja rakshasa, who are the most widespread and commonly encountered of these fiends.


Dandasuka (Creature 5), Maharaja (Creature 20), Raja Rakshasa (Creature 10), Raktavarna (Creature 1)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Rakshasa Immortals

Above all rakshasas rule the rakshasa immortals, powerful unique entities who deem themselves deities. These beings include Aksha of the Second Breath, Bundha the Singing Butcher, Dradjit the Godslayer, Kunkarna the Dream Warrior, Mursha the Beastmaster, Otikaya the Spirit Archer, Surpa the Avenger, Zabha the Desecrator, and untold others.

Sidebar - Locations Rakshasa Locations

Rakshasas are one of the few types of fiends native to the Material Plane and aren't typically found on other planes. Instead, most rakshasas live in urban areas where humanoids congregate, supplying these fiends with a variety of mortals to prey upon and bend to their wills, as well as all the luxuries that humanoid society can offer.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Rakshasa Reincarnation

Rakshasas typically reincarnate after their deaths and retain hazy memories of their past lives. Successful and particularly wicked rakshasas take more powerful forms when reborn, while weak rakshasas reincarnate as lesser forms or even fail to reincarnate entirely.