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Aigamuxas are towering humanoids that stalk arid deserts in search of prey. Carnivorous and voracious, they hunt anything that moves but especially relish eating sentient creatures. Many Mwangi people incorrectly refer to aigamuxas as demons, while others more accurately describe them as having descended from giants. Aigamuxas resemble large humans with smooth hollows where their eyes should be, but their eyes are actually embedded in the soles of their feet. They sport long, sharp claws and teeth that they use to tear their prey apart once they catch them. A moving aigamuxa's odd gait resembles dancing more than a typical walk or run, but its speed is alarming, if difficult to correctly estimate at a distance.

An aigamuxa's unique physiology makes catching prey difficult, and most aigamuxas are constantly hungry. When pursuing prey, an aigamuxa must occasionally stop to lift its feet in order to regain their bearings. Most stand on their hands while looking around, which allows them to immediately backflip back into a run. An aigamuxa's eyes are generally resistant to the sands of their native desert habitats, but irritants such as chilies or caltrops can seriously impair their hunting ability, and desert travelers often carry a bag of these in case they need to deal with an aigamuxa.

Clever aigamuxas know that attacking wandering prey can be very dangerous, instead using their powerful hands to dig deep into sand dunes or dirt and wait to ambush passersby. Aigamuxas are particularly good at hiding in their home environments, and unfortunate travelers often don't notice the barely visible eyes of an aigamuxa until it's too late.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 26

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Changes from being Elite are marked in red below.
NOTE: The +2 damage bonus to non-strike offensive abilities (+4 if the ability is limited, such as spells) is NOT factored in.

Elite AigamuxaCreature 8

Source The Mwangi Expanse pg. 292 2.0
Perception +21; scent (imprecise) 30 feet
Languages Mwangi
Skills Athletics +20, Intimidation +18, Stealth +16 (+18 in deserts)
Str +6, Dex +4, Con +6, Int -2, Wis +3, Cha +0
Limited Vision An aigamuxa's eyes are located on the bottom of their feet, making it difficult for them to see. An aigamuxa is typically blind. If they Seek, they can see normally until the end of their turn.
Weak Feet If an aigamuxa takes damage from Striding or Stepping into hazardous terrain or a square with similar grounded hazards (such as caltrops), they can't Seek until the end of their next turn.
AC 29; Fort +21, Ref +18, Will +15
HP 160
Speed 30 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action claw +22 [+18/+14] (agile, reach 10 feet), Damage 2d8+2+9 slashing plus GrabMelee Single ActionSingle Action jaws +22 [+17/+12], Damage 2d12+2+9 piercingBurrowed Ambush Two ActionsTwo Actions Requirements The aigamuxa is Hiding in dirt, sand, or another soft surface; Effect The aigamuxa makes a claw Strike against a creature within reach. On a hit, the aigamuxa automatically Grabs the creature. Whether or not they hit, the aigamuxa then Strides. If they have a creature grabbed, the creature moves with the aigamuxa.Burrowing Concealment Two ActionsTwo Actions Requirement The aigamuxa is standing on dirt, sand, or another soft surface; Effect The aigamuxa quickly digs into the surface and Hides. They leave their feet partially exposed, allowing them to see out from the surface. The aigamuxa can hold their breath for up to 10 minutes while hiding in this way.Swallow Whole Single ActionSingle Action (attack) Small, 2d12+4 bludgeoning, Rupture 22

Sidebar - Additional Lore The First Aigamuxas

Stories say aigamuxas were once giants who entered into a wager with Lamashtu, claiming they could stand on their hands longer than any other creature. Lamashtu produced a simple chimpanzee, pointed to its feet and called them hands. The giants could not hold their positions and fell. Lamashtu moved their eyes to their feet and told them, “If you wish to boast of your ability, let this be your blessing.”