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Grikkitogs, also known as “hungry earth,” are strange parasites from the Plane of Earth that infest and possess earth, rock, and stone in order to feed their endless hunger. A young grikkitog is a formless apparition until it corrupts an earth elemental host, forming the grikkitog’s core. A grikkitog can then infest the earth and stone nearby with its voracious essence, forming maws and eyes all around it. These creatures are particularly dangerous to small creatures that lair within gaps and holes among rocks, as well as mountain climbers searching for the perfect handhold.

Recall Knowledge - Aberration (Occultism): DC 32

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

GrikkitogCreature 14

Source Bestiary pg. 195
Perception +29; darkvision, manifold vision, tremorsense (imprecise) 30 feet
Languages Terran
Skills Athletics +28, Deception +27 (+31 to imitate stone), Survival +25
Str +8, Dex +4, Con +5, Int +2, Wis +5, Cha +5
Implant Core Three ActionsThree Actions (manipulate) The grikkitog implants its core into an adjacent section of earth or stone, melding seamlessly and changing its visual appearance to match the surrounding rock. It’s immobilized but automatically succeeds at its Deception check to Impersonate the stone around it; creatures actively searching for it can still attempt Perception checks against its Deception DC as normal. A grikkitog can release its implantation as a free action, which has the manipulate trait. A grikkitog’s infestation aura and manifold vision are only active while implanted.
Manifold Vision While its core is implanted, the grikkitog can see through the eyes it creates throughout the area of its infestation aura, gaining the benefits of all-around vision.
AC 36; Fort +28, Ref +23, Will +24
HP 200; Resistances 10 (except adamantine)
Infestation Aura (aura, earth, occult) 120 feet. While its core is implanted, a grikkitog infests all earth and stone within 120 feet, as long as there is a contiguous physical connection between the earth, including stone objects touching on the ground. This effect spreads even if the grikkitog does not have line of effect, though it can affect earth or stone on the surface and exposed to the air only if at least part of its core is exposed as well. Within the aura, it can grow maws and eyes everywhere. It can make jaws attacks against any creature, originating from any earth or stone in the aura adjacent to that creature. Determine cover from the origin point of the attack, not from the grikkitog’s core.
Speed 20 feet; burrow 20 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action jaws +29 [+24/+19] (magical), Damage 3d12+14 piercing plus barbed mawBarbed Maw Upon Striking a creature with its jaws, the grikkitog can extend its barbed teeth, immobilizing the target unless it succeeds at a DC 34 Reflex save. While immobilized, the victim takes 3d8 persistent bleed damage and the grikkitog feeds upon its flesh. The creature is immobilized until the grikkitog ends the effect as a free action or the target succeeds at a DC 38 check to Escape. The grikkitog can immobilize any number of creatures with these maws.Earth Glide The grikkitog can Burrow through dirt and stone at its full burrow Speed, leaving no tunnels or signs of its passing.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Grikkitog Origins

Grikkitogs are the subject of countless scary stories told among denizens of the Plane of Earth, many of which speculate upon their origin. Some who remember the wars between the elemental lords believe the first grikkitog was an experiment created to serve as a weapon for Ayrzul, the evil Fossilized King of the Elemental Plane of Earth, but its hunger and power was so great that it escaped containment, infested an earth elemental warden, and began to spread throughout the plane.