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Crimson Worm

Among the most dangerous cave worms are the fiery crimson worms. In addition to being even larger than azure or purple worms, the crimson worm has a penchant for burrowing through volcanic regions that, over the generations, have infused it with a supernatural link to the Elemental Plane of Fire. The molten heart of an active volcano is an attractive lair for a crimson worm, as are the sprawling fields of bubbling magma found in the deepest reaches of the Darklands. Legends from ancient peoples, precursor dwarven societies, and colonists of the Elemental Planes populated moats of lava with crimson worms likely have some basis in truth, although the methods such ancients used to keep these “moat worms” contained and prevented them from chewing their way through fortress foundations must have been significant.

Crimson worms sometimes frequent areas on the surface where volcanism creates hot springs or other geothermal features, but even then they prefer to spend most of their time burrowing through the ground in their never-ending search for sustenance. Surface lands claimed by crimson worms are notable for the mound-shaped burrows these creatures leave behind as they dig.

Crimson WormCreature 18

Source Bestiary pg. 59
Perception +25; darkvision, tremorsense (imprecise) 100 feet
Skills Athletics +38
Str +10, Dex -1, Con +9, Int -3, Wis -1, Cha -1
AC 40, Fort +36, Ref +25, Will +27
HP 410 (fire healing); Immunities fire; Weaknesses cold 15
Fire Healing As long as a crimson worm is in contact with a fire or body of magma at least as large as itself, it gains fast healing 20. When struck by a magical fire effect from anything other than itself, a crimson worm regains Hit Points equal to half the fire damage the effect would otherwise deal.
Inexorable The crimson worm recovers from the paralyzed, slowed, and stunned conditions at the end of its turn. It’s also immune to penalties to its Speeds and the immobilized condition, and it ignores difficult terrain and greater difficult terrain.
Shake It Off ReactionReaction Frequency once per day; Trigger The crimson worm would be affected by a condition or adverse effect (such as baleful polymorph). Effect The crimson worm negates the triggering condition or effect. Effects from artifacts, deities, or a similarly powerful source can’t be avoided in this way.
Speed 40 feet, burrow 40 feet, swim 20 feet

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Cave Worm

Source Bestiary pg. 56
Cave worms are gigantic scavengers that bore through the depths of the world, eating whatever material they find. Named for their distinctive colorations, these worms are ravenous and display overwhelming destructive capabilities. Cave worms of different colors and abilities lurk in the more remote corners of the world—tales speak of white worms that dwell within immense glaciers or icebergs and gray worms that burrow through the boneyards of long-forgotten ruins, to name a few.