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PFS StandardSwamp of SlothFocus 3

Source Core Rulebook pg. 405 2.0
Bloodline demonic
Cast Single ActionSingle Action to Three ActionsThree Actions somatic, verbal
Range 120 feet; Area 5-foot burst or more
Saving Throw basic Fortitude; Duration 1 minute
Ground in the area turns swampy and fetid. The area is difficult terrain. The sludge at the bottom of the morass animates into diminutive sludge beasts that have a demonic appearance. These don't function as normal creatures, but they swarm over creatures in the swamp and exude a noxious stench. The swamp deals 1d6 poison damage; creatures that end their turn in the area must attempt a basic Fortitude save. You can increase the number of actions it takes to Cast the Spell. For each additional action, increase the burst's radius by 5 feet.
Heightened (+2) The damage increases by 1d6, and the initial radius increases by 5 feet.