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PFS StandardAnathematic ReprisalSpell 4

Source Core Rulebook pg. 317 2.0
Traditions divine
Cast ReactionReaction somatic, verbal; Trigger A creature performs an act anathema to your deity.
Range 30 feet; Targets the triggering creature
Saving Throw Will
You punish a creature that transgresses against your deity, drawing upon the anguish you feel upon seeing one of your deity's anathema committed.

You can cast this spell only when a creature actively commits a unique act of anathema. For example, if creating undead were anathema to your deity, you could use anathematic reprisal on a necromancer who had just created undead in front of you, but not on an undead creature just for existing.

You deal 4d6 mental damage to the target, but a basic Will save can reduce this damage. If it fails, it is also stupefied 1 for 1 round. The creature is then temporarily immune for 1 minute.

    Heightened (+1) The damage increases by 1d6.