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PFS StandardBlade of Four EnergiesItem 13+

Evocation Magical 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 180 1.1
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Base Weapon Shortsword
This +2 greater striking shifting shortsword is formed of rapidly vibrating air and magical energy, though it uses the same statistics as iron. The wooden hilt is adorned with four gems, representing the energies of acid, cold, fire, and electricity, that sparkle in sequence at random intervals.

Activate [free-action] Interact Frequency once per round; Effect You draw magical energy from one of the gems. Roll 1d4. Until the start of your next turn, the weapon gains the corresponding rune: 1—corrosive, 2—flaming, 3—frost, or 4—shock.

Activate [two-actions] command, envision Frequency once per day; Requirements The blade has an energy rune from the first activation; Effect You call upon the energy stored in the blade to explode outward. The blade of four energies casts a 5th-level spell that depends on the active rune: acid arrow for corrosive, fireball for flaming, cone of cold for frost, or lightning bolt for shock.

PFS StandardBlade of Four EnergiesItem 13

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 180 1.1
Price 3,000 gp

PFS StandardBlade of Four Energies (Greater)Item 18

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 180 1.1
Price 20,000 gp
The blade is a +3 greater striking shifting shortsword and gains the greater corrosive, greater flaming, greater frost, or greater shock runes instead of their base versions. When Activated to Cast a Spell, the blade casts the spell heightened to 7th level, and the DC is 38.