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PFS StandardGrim RingItem 5

Uncommon Detection Divination Divine Invested 
Source Book of the Dead pg. 19
Price 150 gp
Usage worn; Bulk
This golden ring is sculpted with the visage of a grinning skull on the side. While wearing the ring, you can attempt to detect the presence of undead creatures as an exploration activity. This reveals the presence or absence of undead in the area, but it doesn't pinpoint their locations. This ring can't detect undead whose appearance is masked by any illusion spell that is 2nd level or higher. If an undead is hiding or disguised, the GM rolls a secret Perception check for you against the undead's Stealth or Deception DC, as appropriate, with a +2 item bonus to your check.

Activate [reaction] envision (positive) Frequency once per day; Trigger You gain the drained condition from an undead creature; Effect Reduce the value of the drained condition you gain by 1, and the undead that caused the condition takes 2d6 positive damage.