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PFS StandardCompass of Transpositional AwarenessItem 10

Rare Conjuration Invested Magical Teleportation 
Source Dark Archive pg. 154
Price 950 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
The silver face of this glass-encased compass is etched with dozens of esoteric symbols, obscure icons, and inscrutable abbreviations.

Activate [one-action] concentrate, Interact Frequency once per minute; Effect You point the compass of transpositional awareness at an extant teleportation effect (such as a magical portal) or the site of a teleportation effect that existed within the last 1 minute (such as the space where a creature just cast dimension door). Attempt an Occultism check to determine to where the effect leads or led. The DC of this check is the effect's counteract DC. On a success, you know roughly the destination of the teleportation effect (for example “the Plane of Fire,” “north,” or “Avistan”). On a critical success, you ascertain the exact destination within mere feet for local effects (such as dimension door) or within a few miles for long-range effects (such as teleport, plane shift, or interdimensional portals).

Activate [one-action] Frequency once per day; Effect You use the compass of transpositional awareness to triangulate your current coordinates and the coordinates of your intended destination using teleportation magic. For 1 minute, whenever you cast a teleportation spell that has a range, increase that spell's range by 30 feet. If the spell normally has a range of touch, extend its range to 30 feet.