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The Deck of Destiny

The UnicornItem 20

This Item may contain spoilers from the Stolen Fate Adventure Path

Unique Artifact Invested Magical Transmutation 
Source Pathfinder #192: Worst of All Possible Worlds pg. 78
Usage carried; Bulk
Suit Crowns (Cha); Alignment chaotic good
The Unicorn represents finding what one seeks. As long as you have The Unicorn invested, you gain a +2 item bonus on Perception checks to Seek. This increases to a +3 item bonus if you're at least 17th level.

Activate [two-actions] envision, Interact Frequency once per day; Effect You pass The Unicorn across an adjacent closed container and then open the container. Inside, you'll find a Common consumable alchemical or magic item you need to solve a problem or deal with a situation close at hand. For example, if you're badly wounded, you might find a greater healing potion. If you've been poisoned, you could discover a panacea. If you're faced with a written clue in a language you don't understand, the container might hold a comprehension elixir. The GM always decides what consumable item is discovered, and it must be equal to or lower than your level. If the consumable isn't used within 1 minute of being discovered, the item vanishes. If there's no appropriate item to solve your situation, the GM can rule that no object is found; in this case, the daily use of The Unicorn is not expended.