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Wondrous FigurineItem 2+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 576
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
Each one of these statuettes is 1 inch in height, carved from a specific material and taking the shape of a particular animal or animals.

Activate Two ActionsTwo Actions command, Interact; Effect You activate the statue by placing it on solid ground and then speaking its name, causing the statuette to transform into a living creature or creatures. In creature form, the figurine has the minion trait. It can understand your language and it obeys you to the best of its ability when you use an action to command it. The specifics of each creature, as well as the activation’s frequency (if any), appear in its entry below.

If the figurine is slain while in animal form, it reverts to its statue shape and cannot be activated again until 1 week has passed. If the figurine is destroyed in statue form, it is shattered and its magic is lost.

Wondrous Figurine (Golden Lions)Item 10

Source Core Rulebook pg. 576
Level 10; Price 900 gp
This statuette depicts a pair of gold lions, and when activated, it becomes a pair of adult lions. The lions can be called on only once per day, and they remain in lion form for no more than 1 hour. If either of the lions is slain, that lion cannot be summoned again until 1 week has passed, but this doesn’t prevent you from summoning the other.

Wondrous Figurine (Jade Serpent)Item 7

Source Core Rulebook pg. 576
Level 7; Price 340 gp
This tiny statue first appears to be a formless lump of jade until closer inspection reveals it to be a serpentine body curled into a snug knot. When activated, this figurine becomes a giant viper. The figurine can be used only once per day, and it can remain in serpent form for no more than 10 minutes.

Wondrous Figurine (Marble Elephant)Item 13

Source Core Rulebook pg. 576
Level 13; Price 2,700 gp
Finely carved from a solid piece of marble, this gleaming elephant statuette becomes a fully grown elephant when activated. The elephant can be called upon no more than four times per month. It remains for 24 hours as long as it is being used as a beast of burden or for transport. If it attempts an attack or otherwise engages in combat, it reverts to statuette form after 1d4 rounds.

Wondrous Figurine (Obsidian Steed)Item 15

Source Core Rulebook pg. 576
Level 15; Price 6,000 gp
This sinister-looking black statuette resembles a horse rearing up on its hind legs. When activated, this figurine becomes a nightmare. It can be called upon once per week for up to 24 hours, though it won’t use plane shift or its other abilities on behalf of its rider. Although evil, it allows itself to be ridden by creatures of any alignment, although if a good creature mounts it, the rider must attempt a DC 3 flat check. On a failure, the nightmare uses plane shift to take the rider to a random location in the Abyss, where it promptly returns to statue form, stranding its rider in that nightmarish place.

Wondrous Figurine (Onyx Dog)Item 2

Source Core Rulebook pg. 576
Level 2; Price 34 gp
This simple onyx statue transforms into a guard dog. The dog has a +4 circumstance bonus to Survival checks to Track, and it has darkvision. When the dog senses a hidden creature with its scent, that creature is instead observed and concealed. The onyx dog can be activated once per week and remains in its form for up to 6 hours.