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Six Pillars Stance Single ActionFeat 10

This Feat is from the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Adventure Path and may contain Spoilers

Source Pathfinder #167: Ready? Fight! pg. 77
Archetype Sixth Pillar
Prerequisites Sixth Pillar Dedication
Requirements You are unarmored.

You stand firm, steeling your mind and body, allowing you to use your magic unperturbed. While in this stance, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to AC against reactions triggered by using actions with the concentrate or manipulate traits. In addition, when you cast a spell that requires one or more actions while in this stance, your unarmed Strikes gain a +1 circumstance bonus to damage.



This feat belongs to an archetype.


A stance is a general combat strategy that you enter by using an action with the stance trait, and that you remain in for some time. A stance lasts until you get knocked out, until its requirements (if any) are violated, until the encounter ends, or until you enter a new stance, whichever comes first. After you use an action with the stance trait, you can’t use another one for 1 round. You can enter or be in a stance only in encounter mode.