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PFS LimitedCathartic Mage Dedication Feat 2

Uncommon Archetype Dedication 
Source Secrets of Magic pg. 194 1.1
Archetype Cathartic Mage
Prerequisites Charisma 14, or ability to cast spells from spell slots

You've learned to harness a particular emotion and mix it into your magic. Choose an emotion from the Emotional States section below to be your catharsis emotion.

If you don't already cast spells from spell slots, you learn to cast spontaneous spells and gain the Cast a Spell activity. You gain a spell repertoire with one cantrip of your choice, from a spell list of your choice. You choose this cantrip from the common spells on your chosen spell list or from other spells to which you have access on that list. You're trained in spell attack rolls and spell DCs for that tradition. Your key spellcasting ability for these spells is Charisma.

If you can already cast spells from spell slots, you learn one additional cantrip from your spellcasting tradition. If you're a prepared caster, you can prepare this spell in addition to your usual cantrips per day; if you're a spontaneous caster, you add this cantrip to your spell repertoire.

You gain the Catharsis reaction and the Settle Emotions activity.

Catharsis [reaction] (concentrate, emotion, mental) Trigger determined by your catharsis emotion; Effect You gain the catharsis activation effects listed for your catharsis emotion. You gain that emotion's emotional fervor benefits for 3 rounds. When your emotional fervor ends, you suffer the listed emotional fallout. After using Catharsis, you can't use it again until you use the Settle Emotions activity.

Settle Emotions (concentrate, emotion, mental) You spend 10 minutes using techniques you've developed to calm your emotions and bring them back under control. This allows you to access your Catharsis again.

Special You can't select another dedication feat until you've gained two other feats from the cathartic mage archetype.

Cathartic Mage Dedication Leads To...

Basic Cathartic Spellcasting, Cathartic Focus Spell, Infectious Emotions, Work Yourself Up



This feat belongs to an archetype.


You must select a feat with this trait to apply an archetype to your character.


Something of uncommon rarity requires special training or comes from a particular culture or part of the world. Some character choices give access to uncommon options, and the GM can choose to allow access for anyone. Less is known about uncommon creatures than common creatures. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creature is increased by 2.