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Lesser DragonstormHazard 20

Source Pathfinder #150: Broken Promises pg. 6
Complexity Complex
Stealth +38 (legendary)
Description A small-scale version of a dragonstorm—a churning vortex of wind infused with fire, acid, lightning, poison, and ice—fills Alseta's Ring.
Disable Religion DC 40 (legendary) to call out to a non-evil deity for direct intervention to disperse the lesser dragonstorm (prayers to Apsu allow characters who are masters in Religion to attempt the check as if they were legendary instead), Thievery DC 42 (legendary) to deactivate Vengegate while the manifestation is forcing it open, or a successful dispel magic (10th level; DC 40) to counteract the lesser dragonstorm.
Manifest Lesser Dragonstorm ReactionReaction Trigger A creature attempts to activate Vengegate; Effect The chamber within Alseta's Ring fills with a dragonstorm. Creatures within this area take 10d8 damage, equally split between acid, cold, electricity, fire, and poison.
Routine (1 action) On its initiative, the lesser dragonstorm reaches out and blasts all creatures within Alseta's Ring. Affected creatures take 10d8 damage (DC 46 basic Reflex save), evenly split between acid, cold, fire, electricity, and poison. Creatures that fail their save are pulled 20 feet toward the center of Alseta's Ring (or are knocked prone and pulled 30 feet on a critical failure). After 10 rounds, the lesser dragonstorm is destroyed, but a much greater dragonstorm manifests in the surrounding region—see The Dragonstorm on page 7.