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Source Bestiary 3 pg. 102
Elusive and shrewd, foxes have gained a reputation as sly tricksters, earning them a place in many folk tales.


Fading Fox (Creature 2), Red Fox (Creature -1)

Sidebar - Additional Lore Noble Quarry

In Taldor, the hunt is an ancient institution steeped in ceremony. For Taldan nobles, the hunt and its pageantry offer a chance to showcase martial skill and wealth while reaffirming tradition and etiquette. Alliances are forged and political maneuvering happens around the post-hunt banquet table, so a successful hunt is of paramount importance. To this end, Taldan game wardens have spent centuries using selective breeding and magic to raise new species of boars, foxes, stags, and other quarry that share the most sought-after traits of their forebears and offer the best sport. Despite resistance from druidic orders and the damage to crops and livestock these creatures cause, the practice is sanctioned by royal decree.