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House Spirit

Source Bestiary 3 pg. 136
House spirits are shy, often helpful, sometimes wrathful fey that dwell alongside peasants and farmers. They reside in the house, in the yard, in the granary, in the bathhouse—wherever people build and live. Due to this proximity, house spirits often take on the mannerisms or appearance of nearby mortals. Their reclusive nature and tendency to go unseen earned them the moniker of “spirits,” though in truth they are fully embodied fey.

House spirits take an almost parental interest in “their” mortals. Given proper respect, these fey work tirelessly for their charges—they chop wood, care for livestock, mend clothes, sweep the floor, and tend to the stove. If offended, though, the house spirit becomes a menace, frightening animals or children and ruining belongings.


Domovoi (Creature 2), Dvorovoi (Creature 3), Ovinnik (Creature 4)

Sidebar - Locations Bound Places

Every house spirit chooses some specific place to be their responsibility and their place of power. House spirits can and do leave, temporarily or permanently, but it's never a trivial decision. Typically, a given location has only one spirit, which gains power if their home is particularly grand. A great palace's domovoi is fearsome indeed.