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Source Bestiary 3 pg. 232
In the Dimension of Time, intense emotions are more than just ethereal feelings. They accumulate over time, from things like the critical mass of emotion caused by a historic event or a settlement passing down a powerful sentiment for generations. These accretions eventually give birth to siktemporas. Each siktempora feels, with all their being, a singular intense emotion linked to the circumstances that spawned them. A rare few, however, are created when an emotionally invested creature attempts to travel to the Dimension of Time or interferes with the flow of time, which can create paradoxes or manipulate past events.

Siktemporas usually isolate themselves on the Dimension of Time in mindscapes infused with the emotion that created them, but some travel to other planes. These wanderers long to indulge in more of their core emotion or to engender more of that feeling, thus perpetuating their own kind.


Hatred Siktempora (Creature 18), Love Siktempora (Creature 16), Misery Siktempora (Creature 12), Triumph Siktempora (Creature 14)

Sidebar - Related Creatures Other Siktemporas

Almost any intense emotion that exists over time can give birth to a siktempora. What few reports exist of the Dimension of Time give references to siktemporas of anger, joy, and whimsy, while ancient tales tell of creatures similar to siktemporas that hold sway over dedication and discovery, awe and infatuation, or pity and panic. Some sages even discuss the existence of hybrid siktemporas, created by epoch events that inspired two different emotions in equal intensity

Sidebar - Locations Siktempora Lairs

While many siktemporas on the Material Plane seek out the emotions that built them with utmost fervor, after eons of emotional intensity, some claim an area for their respite. A love siktempora might live in the attic of a coffee shop whose employees are skilled matchmakers, while a hatred siktempora might dwell beneath the floorboards of a vindictive organization that seeks to spread injustice.

Sidebar - Treasure and Rewards Siktempora Treasures

Siktemporas hold few practical items on them, but they regularly hoard items associated with the events that spawned them. A misery siktempora created by the pain of a mass killing might hunt the perpetrators down and carry the weapon used, while a love siktempora might hold the series of love letters that gave birth to them close to their chests