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Astral Deva (Emissary Angel)

Astral devas are the elite messengers and emissaries of the celestial realms, serving deities and celestial armies by delivering messages, performing reconnaissance, and providing support for those in need of aid. They watch over planar travelers and take powerful mortals under their wings to mentor them. Astral devas carry scrolls containing important messages and other celestial secrets.

Astral devas can form spontaneously from the souls of exceptional good-aligned mortals, but are also sometimes created from such souls intentionally by deities or demigods. In the later cases, astral devas often bear physical features that mark them as closely affiliated with that deity. An astral deva created by Sarenrae, for example, might have hair made of fire, while one created by Torag might look more dwarven, and one created by Desna could have butterfly wings instead of feathered wings. It’s not unusual for astral devas created by lawful good or chaotic good deities to share their creators’ alignment.

Recall Knowledge (Religion): DC 32

Astral DevaCreature 14

Source Bestiary pg. 19
Perception +26; darkvision
Languages Celestial, Draconic, Infernal; tongues
Skills Acrobatics +24, Diplomacy +26, Intimidation +28, Religion +24
Str +8, Dex +4, Con +5, Int +4, Wis +4, Cha +6
Items +2 striking warhammer
AC 36, Fort +27, Ref +26, Will +22; +1 status to all saves vs. magic
HP 285; Weaknesses evil 15
Traveler’s Aura (abjuration, aura, divine) 20 feet. Creatures in the astral deva’s aura are protected from ambient environmental damage from any plane, including severe and extreme heat and cold as well as more exotic dangers. The astral deva is never flat-footed to creatures within its aura.
Messenger’s Amnesty (abjuration, divine) An astral deva with a message to deliver is continually protected by the effect of sanctuary (DC 32). If the deva breaks the sanctuary, the effect returns if the deva ceases hostility for 10 minutes.
Speed 40 feet, fly 75 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action holy warhammer +30 (good, magical, shove), Damage 2d8+22 bludgeoning plus 1d6 good
Divine Innate Spells DC 36, attack +28; 7th blade barrier, divine decree, divine wrath, heal, remove curse, remove disease, remove fear; 4th discern lies (at will); 2nd silence (at will, self only); 1st detect alignment (at will, evil only); Constant (7th) light; (5th) tongues
Divine Rituals DC 36; 1st angelic messenger
Divine Armament (divine, evocation) Any weapon gains the effect of a holy property rune while an astral deva wields it.
Stunning Strike Single ActionSingle Action Requirements The astral deva hit a foe earlier this turn with a weapon Strike. Effect The astral deva makes a weapon Strike against the foe. On a success, the foe must succeed at a DC 34 Fortitude save or become stunned 1. On a critical failure, the foe is stunned 2 instead.

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Astral Deva (Emissary Angel)14
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Source Bestiary pg. 16
The celestial hosts of angels are messengers and warriors, divided into choirs based on their abilities and purviews. The majority of angels are neutral good and live in Nirvana, the plane of virtue and enlightenment. However, some angels, including several angelic deities, have different alignments, and some even dwell on other planes. Regardless of alignment, angels remain benevolent messengers possessed with magical auras to aid their allies.