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Ahvothians are feral and cunning fiends from an Abyssal realm of jungles, dinosaurs, and relentless brutality. They resemble humanoid dinosaurs with narrow, fanged heads similar to raptors and solid, heavy legs like sauropods. Relentless trackers and survivalists, ahvothians are skilled at navigating jungles and are most commonly encountered stalking prey or operating out of fortified ruins. Ahvothians have an uncanny affinity with reptiles, and they often use dinosaurs—particularly carnivores such as allosauruses or deinonychuses—as hunting companions or guard animals. Although dangerous in large groups, ahvothians have such a strong desire to assert dominance over others that ahvothian armies frequently fall to infighting and bloody battles for dominance within days, or even hours. The mightiest ahvothians might lead dozens of their kin and herds of carnivorous dinosaurs.

Recall Knowledge - Fiend (Religion): DC 25
Unspecific Lore: DC 23
Specific Lore: DC 20

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

AhvothianCreature 7

Uncommon CE Medium Fiend 
Source The Slithering pg. 62
Perception +18; darkvision
Languages Abyssal, Common; speak with animals
Skills Athletics +19, Crafting +11, Intimidation +15 (+17 against humanoids), Religion +11, Survival +17
Str +6, Dex +2, Con +4, Int +0, Wis +4, Cha +2
Items javelins (3), longspear, trophies (beast and humanoid)
AC 25; Fort +18, Ref +12, Will +15
HP 160; Resistances fire 10; Weaknesses cold 5, good 5
Attack of Opportunity
Speed 30 feet; freedom of movement
Melee jaws +18 [+13/+8], Damage 2d10+8 piercingMelee longspear +18 [+13/+8] (reach 10 feet), Damage 1d8+8 piercing plus wicked trophiesRanged javelin +14 [+9/+4] (thrown 30 feet), Damage 1d6+8 piercing plus Wicked TrophiesDivine Innate Spells DC 23; 4th creation; 3rd earthbind (at will), fear (at will); 2nd death knell (at will); 1st charm (at will); Constant (4th) freedom of movement, speak with animals
Reptile Master When an ahvothian uses an innate spell against a reptile, the DC is 27 rather than 23.Wicked Trophies An ahvothian chooses a creature type (such as animal, celestial, or humanoid) from which they currently carry a trophy from a past kill. Their weapon Strikes against creatures of that type deal an additional 1d10 damage and they gain a +2 status bonus on Intimidation checks against creatures of that type. The ahvothian doesn't lose these bonuses if they lose the trophies. Once per day, an ahvothian can change the creature type of their wicked trophies in a ritual that takes 1 hour. Nearly all ahvothians encountered on the Material Plane have selected humanoids as the focus of their wicked trophies.

Sidebar - Related Creatures Hunters of Ahvoth-Kur

The realms of the Abyss are vast, and most have complex ecosystems that supplement, or even predate, the demons that lair within them. The Abyssal realm of Ahvoth-Kor is the jungle-covered domain of the demon lord of strength and tyranny, Angazhan. But Ahvoth-Kor had life before Angazhan came to rule it, and the smartest of these creatures were the cunning hunters called ahvothians. Today, the ahvothians are fully subjugated by the Ravenous King and serve him faithfully in Ahvoth-Kor and beyond.