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Pr'rall, Catfolk Stalker

A hunter at heart, Pr'rall takes bounties throughout Avistan and Garund on anything from cockatrices to bandits. Gold pays the bills, but the thrill of the hunt is the reason he always takes the next job. Lately, Pr'rall has found the most satisfaction from hunting sapient creatures; he relishes the moment before the final strike when he knows that he's won and his prey will fall under his blade. He's begun to look into more than just bounty hunting, and is considering joining a local assassin's guild, though he's not sure if he wants to fully embrace his growing bloodlust.

Plot Hooks

Game Masters may consider the following plot hooks as a means of integrating Pr'rall into any Pathfinder Second Edition game.
  • The heroes need to take down a particularly difficult foe and hire Pr'rall to help them hunt the target down.
  • Pr'rall's ancestral temple sword is stolen from him but he's run out of leads in tracking it down. He asks the heroes to help him find out who has it so he can hunt them down and ensure they never steal from him again.
  • A rich and powerful noble has been thwarted by the PCs too many times. He's hired Pr'rall to hunt them down and bring them back: alive if possible, dead if necessary. Given the catfolk's growing proclivity for killing, it's likely he'll find a way to force the PCs' hands.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 36

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

Pr'rallCreature 9

Source No-Prep Character: Pr’rall pg. 0
Male catfolk stalker
Perception +18; low-light vision
Languages Amurrun, Common
Skills Acrobatics +16, Athletics +17, Hunting Lore +12, Medicine +14, Nature +14, Society +12, Stealth +20 (moves full speed while Sneaking), Survival +18
Str +5, Dex +4, Con +3, Int +0, Wis +2, Cha +2
Items +1 striking temple sword, +1 leather armor, +1 temple sword
AC 28; Fort +19, Ref +20, Will +16
HP 138
Speed 30
Melee Single ActionSingle Action temple sword +20 [+15/+10] (trip), Damage 2d8+8 slashingMelee Single ActionSingle Action temple sword +20 [+15/+10] (trip), Damage 1d8+8 slashingRanged Single ActionSingle Action bola +18 [+13/+8] (nonlethal, ranged trip, thrown 20-feet), Damage 1d6+7 bludgeoningDual-Weapon Blitz Two ActionsTwo Actions Requirements Pr'rall is wielding two one-handed melee weapons, each in a different hand; Effect Pr'rall attacks as he dashes among foes. He Strides up to his Speed. At any point during this movement, he can Strike once with each of the two required weapons. These Strikes can be against the same or different targets, as he sees fit.Double Slice Two ActionsTwo Actions Flensing Slice Single ActionSingle Action Requirements Pr'rall's last action was a Double Slice, and both attacks hit the target; Effect When Pr'rall hits with both attacks with Double Slice, he flenses the target, making it bleed and creating a weak spot. The target takes 2d8 persistent bleed damage, becomes flat-footed, and its resistances to any physical damage types are reduced by 5; these two effects last until the beginning of Pr'rall's next turn.Light Paws Two ActionsTwo Actions Pr'rall can balance on his toes to step carefully over obstructions. He Strides and then Steps, or Steps and then Strides, ignoring difficult terrain during this movement.