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The surgeon specializes in the physical alteration of the body to prevent the spread of disease, removing necrotic and decaying flesh to help the whole to survive. Few healers know the science of anatomy and physiology better than the surgeon. While their expertise is of grave importance in the medical world, the downside is that when one is in need of their talents, it is likely the complaint is serious. In medical matters, a surgeon is a 6th-level challenge.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 16

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Proficiency without Level

SurgeonCreature 2

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 221
Perception +14
Languages Common
Skills Crafting +10, Diplomacy +8, Medicine +16
Str +1, Dex +3, Con +1, Int +2, Wis +4, Cha +0
Doctor's Hand When the surgeon rolls a critical failure on a check to Treat Disease, Treat Poison, or Treat Wounds, they get a failure instead.
Items healer's tools, scalpel
AC 17; Fort +7, Ref +7, Will +10
HP 30
Speed 25 feet
Melee Single ActionSingle Action scalpel +11 [+7/+3] (agile, versatile P), Damage 1d4+1 slashingRanged Single ActionSingle Action scalpel +11 [+7/+3] (agile, thrown 10 feet, versatile P), Damage 1d4+1 slashingMedical Malpractice Single ActionSingle Action The surgeon attempts a Medicine check against the Fortitude DC of one living creature they can see within 60 feet. On a success, the surgeon's melee Strikes deal an extra 1d6 precision damage against that creature (2d6 on a critical success) until 1 minute passes or the surgeon critically hits that creature, whichever comes first. Using this action again designates a new target and ends the effect for any previous target. A surgeon can target an individual creature no more than once per day with this ability.

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Plague Doctor5


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 220
The world is a dangerous place. Thankfully, there are those who devote their lives to easing the pain and suffering of others.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Ailments

Common diseases are located here. These can be treated by most healers, though they may have longer-term physiological impacts. For unusual conditions, like ghoul fever or mummy rot, you might impose penalties on a normal healer attempting to remedy them.

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Medical Service Prices

The physician and surgeon are masters of Medicine; the apothecary and plague doctor are experts. Plague doctors charge five times this rate, and surgeons 10 times.

Identify Affliction: 1 sp.
Treat Wounds: 2 sp.
Treat Disease: 1 gp.
First Aid or Treating a Poison: 1 sp.