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PFS LimitedEstablish NexusRitual 5

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 217
Cast 1 day; Cost magical foci worth 100 gp × the spell level × the node's level; Secondary Casters 2
Primary Check Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion based on the ley line (master); Secondary Checks Ley Line Lore or Occultism
Range 10 feet; Target(s) 1 ley line node up to double establish nexus's level
You focus the power of the node's intersecting ley lines into a powerful confluent point known as a ley line nexus. The ley line nexus grows out from the node in a 20-foot radius. The ley line nexus is more open and available for access to creatures you designate. When Tapping the Ley Lines, these creatures get a degree of success one better than they rolled.

Critical Success The ley line nexus is established. The nexus is particularly powerful, allowing it to continually refresh its magical energy; thus, the nexus lasts for up to 100 years, unless the ley lines shift.
Success The ley line nexus is established and lasts for a year and one day, unless the ley lines shift.
Failure You fail to establish the ley line nexus.
Critical Failure All casters take damage and suffer backlash effects as if they had critically failed to Tap every Ley Line in the node simultaneously, and they can't attempt to Tap those Ley Lines for a year and one day.