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Community RepairRitual 4

This Ritual may contain spoilers from the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path

Source Pathfinder #170: Spoken on the Song Wind pg. 75
Cast 1 day; Cost rare powdered pigments in at least three different colors, worth a total of 50 gp; Secondary Casters 4 or more
Primary Check Performance (expert); Secondary Checks Crafting, Performance, Society
Range 10 feet; Target(s) 1 damaged or broken public work no larger than 3,000 cubic feet (the size of a Huge creature)
You lead your community in repairing a public work, such as a bridge, well, or mural, through the power of memory and art. The primary caster serves as an emcee or leader, while each secondary caster provides a heartfelt anecdote that somehow involves the public work; for instance, recounting a story of playing at a fountain each summer. The anecdotes don't need to be firsthand accounts—a community member might sing of how their grandparents fell in love crossing a bridge every day—but they must be directly connected in some way. The GM can offer a +1 circumstance bonus to the secondary caster whose anecdote seems most moving.

If the public work was destroyed intentionally by one of the casters, the ritual automatically critically fails.

Critical Success The public work is restored to its prior construction, and it takes on further qualities, encouraged by the thoughts of the community. For the next week, while a caster is within 60 feet of the site of the ritual, they receive a +1 status bonus to Will saves against emotion effects and a +10-foot status bonus to their Speeds.
Success The public work is restored to its prior construction and function.
Failure The ritual has no effect.
Critical Failure The public work refuses to repair itself, and the memories of the community members are soured in response to the botched ritual. For the next week, while a caster is within 60 feet of the site of the ritual, they cannot receive any benefit from beneficial emotion effects, and they take a –10-foot status penalty to their Speeds as their movement slows to a morose crawl.